Our liberation struggle began in a small London back street, and in Uganda where Mr. Philibert Loizeau was working at that time, when a few Seychellois together with some foreign collaborators who, having in mind our principle and dignity, helped make SPUP become a living reality. 

It was during those two years that reflection started on the type of society which existed in Seychelles then, and on the principles and programme that should be adopted, whereby the people of Seychelles could one day become a people, free, independent and proud.

When Mr. F. A. René our Party Founder returned to Seychelles (2nd June 1964) from England and with other revolutionaries, with the support of the Seychelles Islanders United Party which was presided by Mr. Rifned Jumeau, launched the Seychelles People’s United Party today Parti Lepep.