Parti Lepep through the approval of its Congress, the highest organ of the party, has from today embarked on a process to bring about important and fundamental changes within the party. In the wake of ardent and frank debates, which  took place throughout the day, six resolutions have been adopted by virtue of which the Central Committee of Parti Lepep has been empowered by the Congress to:-
1. Proclaim a vision to unify the people of Seychelles beyond all partisan divide so that the country is able to overcome all major national challenges.
2. Change the name and image of the party;
3. Reclaim the fundamental values on which the party is based; recognize the accomplishment and success of the party; revalorize our political legacy; take the necessary measures to rectify past mistakes and rebuild the party for the future;
4. Establish an Ethics Committee, which under the Constitution of the party shall have, the function to formulate a Code of Ethics for the party, and the power to recommend to the Congress the recalling of any party leader whose conduct is not in line with the values that the party represents;
5. Re-examine the structure and function of the party so as to render Parti Lepep a more inclusive and transparent party, in order that it may best respond to the present and future political exigencies, including the establishment of a due diligence process in respect of candidates for Branch Executive Committee, and Central Committee, as well as National Assembly and Presidential Elections; and
6. Formulate Standing Orders, which will be part of the Constitution of the party, to govern the work of the congress.
Those resolutions would necessitate fundamental amendments to the party constitution. As a result of the adoption of the resolutions, Parti Lepep will do the necessary to ensure that those changes are implemented within a reasonable timeframe. A subsequent Congress will be held to approve those amendments to the party constitution.
The Parti Lepep Congress is made up of the recently elected members of the executive committees of each district, members of the Central Committee elected by the Congress and the respective representatives of the Women’s, Youth and Veterans’ organizations from each district.