What is the role of the Party?
Seychelles has embarked under a series of transformations that will change the economic, social and political landscape of our country. At this juncture in our history, our country needs strong leadership and vision. President Michel, elected in 2006, spearheaded the economic reform programme. If President Michel  (Part y President) is the architect behind the bold economic  moves, Finance Minister Danny Faure, who is  also the newly appointed Secretary General of Parti Lepep, is considered the engineer. Today, with the IMF, the Seychelles’ economic programme is slowly but surely reaping benefits. The parallel market which has staggered economic development for years is gone and the rupee is fast gaining its real market value. There is much to be done and Seychelles needs all of its people to ensure a successful programme.

It is for this reason that President Michel, has called on everyone, every Seychellois to come together (Koste Seselwa). In 2009, the Parti Lepep government is bringing everyone on board. As part of the National Theme, the President and his cabinet of Ministers have embarked on a district road-show to openly talk about the economic programme but more importantly to seek the views and ideas of the Seychellois Nation in order to chart the way forward.

Parti Lepep
Seychelles needs stability, and Seychellois need steady leadership. At this point in our history, our country needs a group of people with the right acumen and determination to propel us to the next step of our development.

Parti Lepep is offering the Seychellois nation a clear choice. We’re offering you …stability, continuity, and prosperity. We’re making sure that we sateguard our achievements, but look at new ways of ensuring continued development.

Now that we are on the road to economic recovery, we have to ensure a stable social development, we have to ensure that no one is left behind in the process and we have to ensure that YOU are engaged in the next step of our development. Our role is to ensure that YOU and YOUR concerns are brought to the fore. We have to ensure that WE listen to YOU and TOGETHER we’ll work at our shortcoming. TOGETHER, we have to ensure that Seychelles moves forward.
Lepep se nou…e nou Lepep…