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His legacy…

Mr. France Albert René has brought about many changes since 1964 up to 2004. When establishing his legacy, we must not forget his domestic agenda, besides focusing on the social aspects of his administration. He reconstructed Seychelles. Under a strong single-party rule and a strong public sector, he ironed out the social injustices and made the economic take off.  
René destroyed an old system replacing it by a new one, which he later referred to as the ‘Seychelles way’. He has a rich legacy as a statesman and a politician.
As a politician he believed in a progressive political approach; reaching out to the population and the culture of equality. As a statesman his successes are attested by his Ibrahim prize awarded to him for his good work to promote good governance.

‘Ti Frans’ has accomplished his mission. He left the Presidency at the age of 69. He once declared that he was a doer not a writer, answering to queries of whether he will write his autobiography. Somebody else has done it which will be launched in two weeks’ time.
1964 to 2004 was his era but he will not be forgotten. His footprints remain….there is no argument here!!!!