The SPUP Women’s League was formed on 23rd August 1970 by the Party Fonder Leader, President France Albert Rene. This formation marked another major step towards the full mobilization of women in the forefront of the struggle.

Since that day, the league has struggled to promote the rights and welfare of women and their development. They also played the leading role towards the struggle to independence, liberation and for a better working condition. The Committee was chaired by Mrs Sylvette Frichot- Pool.

In 1978, the League changed its name to become the SPPF Women’s League. It was chaired by Mrs Rita Sinon. She was appointed Minister for Internal Affairs in 1987; unfortunately she passed away in 1989.

That same year, Mrs Sylvette Pool took the Chairmanship again till March 5th 2010.

In March 5th 2010, we saw a new era in the evolution of the Party Development. Under the leadership of Partilepep, the League was re-launched with a new Chairperson, Mrs Mitcy Larue, a new name, Parti Lepep Women’s League and a new Logo “ Naryen Pa Pou Bar Nou.” With the following objectives:

•    To rally all Seychellois women who believes in the principles of National Unity, Social Justice, Peace and the Programme of the Party.
•    To promote and defend the programme of the Party
•    To promote, defend and appreciate the Seychellois culture
•    To establish and develop friendly relationship with similar Women’s Organizations internationally with the aim of promoting peace and solidarity
•    To carry out appropriate directives issued by the Party
•    To develop greater understanding between women, and to build a democratic and a peaceful Seychelles
•    To defend the rights and interests of women and to live in peace, unity and harmony
•    To instill, develop, and cultivate in our women the value of a true Democratic Society
•    To Promote activities that would contribute towards an integral development of Seychellois Women
•    To bring up a generation of unity, disciplined, studious and hardworking young people with high moral values and who are fully involved in, the socio-economic, political and cultural development of Seychelles.
•    To empower women at community level to take leadership role.